On Street Parking Solutions


Pay & Display  -  Pay by License Plate meters integrated with Mobile License Plate (MLPR) and Tablets with scanner (scan registration to obtain LP)  & citation printer that compares Paid Plate Database in cloud (My Parkfolio) with real-time Optical Character recognition (OCR) reading license plates.

  • Whoosh (Parkeon product) or other Pay by Cell application
  • Cloud Services to push real-time data back to meter
  • Database of residents in meter so they display to enforcement personnel as paid plate
  • Reservations or specific user rights  (negotiated discount/resident special rate.)

Our Product Partner

Parkeon is the world leader in urban mobility of Parking and Transit solutions including CITYPAL, Strada Pay Station, Pay and Display Systems, Park By ID Systems, myParkfolio and Back Office. Parkeon offers parking and ticketing solutions, well-known for their robustness, reliability and scalability. Solar-powered solutions feature: 

  • Compact design
  • Cost-effective
  • Solar-powered solution with unequaled autonomy
  • Long battery life on solar
  • Adaptable to any configuration
  • Proven for more than 12 years

Off Street Parking

WPS Pay On Foot Station

Providing the foundation for modern parking ECO system.

Fixed LPR- License Plate Recognition integrated with PARCS  (Parking Access & revenue Control).  As pictured in the slideshow, a Pay Station with a customizable graphic panel and a camera  takes a color image of each vehicle and digitizes the license plate information.   That number becomes virtual permit allowing a transient parker to pay at Pay station or with an on-line validation and the gate will automatically lift at the exit.  Monthly/Contract patrons can enter/exit hands free.

Our Product Partner

WPS Parking Systems-  Founded in 1985, WPS Parking Systems is part of the Dynniq Company. They employ hundreds of parking professionals throughout the world with an established install base which issues more than 7,500,000 parking tickets every single day, worldwide. WPS provides increased mobility through automated parking solutions for airports, hospitals, local governments, hotels, leisure, shopping malls and parking operators across the globe.

Industrial Barrier Gates

Our Product Partners

Magnetic Autocontrol- Offering access control solutions for vehicles and pedestrians.  Defining the benchmark for security solutions in the field of vehicle and pedestrian access control. Our core competence is drive and control technology as well as conceptual work and project management.

Door King- DoorKing provides access control solutions for homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, college resident halls, gated communities, parking lot operations, military bases, airports, seaports, self-storage and industrial sites.

Hy-Security Barrier Gates- Slide, Swing, Traffic Barrier and Vertical Lift Operators using hydraulic technology common in the aircraft industry. The highest quality, most reliable, long-life and low maintenance vehicular gate operators for nearly every site including residential, commercial, industrial, parking and anti-ram crash. Strength and reliability makes tough operators.

Access Control

Our Product Partners

Transcore-  supporting the transportation industry since 1930s, including toll, traffic management, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), system integration and RFID

Cansec Systems- a reliable Access Control Products manufacturer for more than 30 years

Sirit- WORLD LEADING RFID READERS for electronic tolling, cashless payment, product ID and more. 

Commend- Commend has been specializing in Car Parking Communication systems for over 20 years.

Digital Acoustics- Digital Acoustics produces a wide range of solutions for Digital Voice Networking. Products range from home/office solutions to government and commercial solutions for communications as well incorporating solutions for systems integrators to form and expand existing communications networks with digital TCP/IP enabled intercom systems.

Aiphone- Aiphone is one of the most trusted providers of communications equipment worldwide. Exporting to over 60 countries, Aiphone is one of the most widely used communications producers for Vehicle Access Control Systems.